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What to Watch Out For When Selecting a Hair Extension Stylist

There are several RED FLAGS to be aware of when it comes to hair extension consultations.   Be extremely cautious about selecting a hair extension stylist if any of the following take place.


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The stylist spends the majority of the consultation time bad-mouthing or bashing other stylists and other hair extension methods. 

If a stylist does quality hair extensions and has years of experience, then he/she will spend the consultation time telling you about what he/she has to offer and why a particular hair extension method will work for your hair situation.

Stylist does not evaluate your hair or scalp at all.  Hair extensions require healthy natural hair to stay attached.  If your hair is not healthy, is very frail, then the weight of the added hair extensions could cause your natural hair to fall out—permanently.  Not every hair extension method is good for every person.

The stylist refuses to give you ANY references or show you any before/after photos.  How do you know if they have every attached a single extension?

The stylist only accepts cash as payment.  A reputable salon will accept major credit cards.

The stylist has a messy, unorganized work station that looks unclean.  Go with your first impressions here.  Hair Extension services requires order and organization.

The stylist says that no maintenance is required and that you can just come back in 6 months to have them removed.  A lot of the damage to natural hair comes from wearing hair extensions for too long.  Hair extensions are not a ‘just put ‘em in and go’ type of service.  They require regular maintenance for best results.

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