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*Can custom blend many colors in one extension with advanced system

*Extensions can last 4-5 months with proper maintenance and care

*Founder is one of first pioneers in hair extension industry

Hair: 100 % quality human hair is used for Megahair. Hair is purchased from independent hair suppliers.

Attachment: A thermoplastic adhesive is used to attach the extension hair to the natural hair about 1/4 inches away from the scalp. A specially designed tool is used to purge the adhesive and the extension hair into your own hair.

In the advanced method, each extension can be custom blended with several different colors and textures to create a more natural appearance. The extension hair is re-useable in the advanced method.

Removal of the extensions involves the use of a gentle removal solution. Megahair extensions can last 4-5 months before they need to be removed.

Costs: Average prices for extensions are: $500 -1500 and up depending on how many extensions are needed.

Maintenance: Specific care instructions are given to the client detailing what hair care products to use and not to use.

Megahair Company Info:

Established: Patented 1990
Founder: Salvatore Megna
Method: Fusion
Hair Used: 100% Human Cuticle Hair from various hair
Certification Required: Yes
Cosmetology License: Yes
Training: 2-Day Training, Many different places provide
training for Megahair Extensions. The founder of Mega Hair has retired and the original company is dissolved.  New Concepts Inc. is the current owner

Guarantees. Check with your stylist about any guarantees for the hair or the application procedure.
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