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So.Cap Hair Extensions


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*More than 40 years producing and distributing natural and synthetic fiber hair products.

*Extensions last from 3-6 months and extension hair can be re-used

*The extensions can be applied to at least 1 inch to 1-1/2 inches of natural hair

Hair: So.Cap. processes hair that it imports from Italy and other parts of Europe. The process involves skillful artisan formulas that result in quality 100% cuticle hair available in over 70 colors. The average length of hair extension is 18-20 inches in length. So.Cap. also offers various colors of fiber hair. Extension human hair may be colored and permed. Certified stylists are instructed on this technique in the full day class.

Attachment:  The extension hair comes pre-tipped, meaning that a color-matched keratin protein polymer is already attached to the end of the hair. The So.Cap. equipment creates a soldering action to melt the keratin and fuse it to the hair.   The soldered parts are quite invisible and long lasting. The extension hair is removed using a delicate So.Cap. solvent.

So.Cap has developed a new way to attach the hair extensions that uses ultrasound waves. The machine, called the Ultrastar, uses high frequency waves to literally vibrate the pre-bonded tip on the hair extensions. This causes friction which in turn causes the bonds between the keratin to soften. When the keratin tip becomes liquid  it fuses to the natural hair, all without the use of damaging heat.

So.Cap. extensions can last from 3-6 months depending on how fast the hair grows and how well the client maintains the hair. So.Cap. hair is reusable based on how well the client takes care of their hair.

Attaching full head of hair extensions can take anywhere from 2-6 hours and sometimes longer. Contributing factors to the time involved include the desired look, length desired, the stylist and the preparation of the client.

So.Cap.’s method of attachment is patent-pending. They will be introducing new and improved methods and techniques that will attach the extensions using ultrasound technology, and also allow for special micro grafts designed for hair thinning situations.

So.Cap. also offers a line of dreadlocks and braids.
Costs:  As always, there are many variations in prices across the U.S. for So.Cap. extensions. An average price for a whole head of extensions is around $1500—sometimes more, sometimes less
So.Cap. recommends monthly visits to the stylist to maintain the extensions. Prices may/may not include these monthly visits or the extension hair.

Maintenance:  So.Cap. has an extension care program that the client will bring home with them. Styling tools are OK to use as long as the tool is not applied directly to the keratin bond for too long. Stylists can use So.Cap. recommended products or recommend their own products as long as they are approved by So.Cap.

Who should NOT get So.Cap. extensions: Anyone with excessively thinning hair, over processed hair and anyone who does NOT spend time styling their own hair.

So.Cap. Company Info:
Established: 1964, Italy
Founder: Antonio Debise
Method: Fusion
Hair Used: 100% human European hair from Italy and
other parts of Europe
Certification Required: YES
Cosmetology License: YES
Training: 1-day course
Guarantees: So.Cap. guarantees their products, hair and system as long as client maintains extension hair per instructions and the client has made monthly visits with the stylists. So.Cap. encourages clients to stay in contact with their stylist, but clients are also welcome to call So.Cap. directly for help or problem solving.

Find salons in your area, get help or problem solve, call: 1.877.855.HAIR


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