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*Not as costly as other equivalent methods

*Can last up to 3 months

*Bond-weave system available for purchase directly to consumer
Hair:  Human hair is imported from all regions of the world--- Europe, Asia, Indian, and processed in Super Hair Factory located in Atlanta Georgia. All cuticle of the hair are aligned in the same direction. It is very important that all cuticles be aligned in the same direction to avoid tangling or matting of the extension hair. See hair guarantee below.

Attachment:  Strand by strand extensions: Extension hair is attached strand by strand to natural hair using a Hitec Thermal Glue made from a patented formula that does not cause damage.
A purging tool is used to force the bond to reach a specified temperature.

The client’s natural hair adheres to the extension without shredding since the Purging Tool forces the moisture out of the adhesive creating a sponge effect.  This is a more permanent attachment method lasting up to 3 months. These types of extensions should be attached, maintained and removed by a salon professional. Attachment can take 4-6 hours.

Bond-Weave: Weft of extension hair is attached directly to natural hair using Liquid Gold Bonding glue. This is a temporary method that will last a few weeks--or up to 5 washes. Kits are sold directly to the customer and include do-it-yourself instructions. Specially formulated Liquid Gold Bond Remover must be used to remove the extensions.

Costs:  Average prices for a full head of fusion extensions are $500 and up. This does not include the price of the hair. The Bond-Weave method costs are very reasonable.

See company website at for more information.

Maintenance:  It is very critical that you do not wash your hair for 48 hours after getting your extensions. Conditioning during each wash is important. Avoid swimming without a swim cap since chlorine can damage the extensions. Discuss specific products and hair care instructions with your stylist.

Super Hair Factory Company Info:
Established: 1999; Atlanta Georgia
Founder: Joe Chen
Method: Fusion, Bonding
Hair Used: High quality worldwide human hair processed
by Super Hair Factory
Certification Required: NO
Cosmetology License: YES and NO. Bond-weave
system does not require license.
Training: 1-day hands-on class, video

Guarantee: Super hair factory guarantees its hair to be tangle-free for 3 months. Any chemical treatment of extensions voids guarantee. Call Super Hair Factory for additional information on Guarantee of human hair.  Application procedures are not guaranteed by Super Hair Factory. Contact your stylist for any guarantees on the application.
Where to find salons:  Call Super Hair Factory at 1.800.747.7318


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