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Toll-free: 1.800.426.9197

Average Costs:

Varies by stylist, method selected, hair selected

*Offers several different methods of attaching hair extensions

* Sells do-it-yourself Clip-in Extensions directly to stylists and the consumer

*Stylists are trained to evaluate styling abilities, time, style desired, lifestyle, how often they shampoo before deciding which method to use.

Hair: Imported hair from China, India, Italy and Russia is processed according to Garland Drake specifications and strict quality control. Long-Lengths hair is pre-tipped with a GDI Adhesive (also called keratin tipped hair)

Attachment: Garland Drake offers training for many different popular hair extension methods. The different methods include: Track attachment, Strand attachments and Clip-in extensions. Natural hair must be at least 3 inches long for the first two categories.

Track Attachments: Bonding Wefts- the wefts are applied just below the part using a latex rubber bond. It is fast, less expensive temporary method of attachment.  Braided Tracks: An under braid is created using the client's own hair and a special filler fiber. Then the weft of hair is sewn into the braid

Strand Attachments: Long-Lengths   Loose extension hair is applied directly to your own hair.  Tipped end of Long-Lengths hair is heated and then shaped into a bead, capturing your natural hair and the extension hair together.  The adhesive used is a non-toxic, safe product.

Strand Attachments: Bonding  Melted adhesive is applied to the extension hair.  It is then attached to the natural hair about ½ inch from the scalp.  Removal is done by applying the appropriate removal product ant then pinching the bonded area with a remover tool.  The extension hair will then slide right out.

Strand Attachments: Linking, Spike-Tip Hair (also known as I tip)

A needle is inserted into a link.  A small amount of your natural hair is captured into the link using a hook on the end of the needle.  The link is slid close to the scalp.  The Spike-Tip hair is inserted into the link and a clamping tool is used to crush the link flat.  Removal is done by pinching the link from the sides with the remover tool.  Then the Spike-Tips hair slides right out.

Strand Attachments: Strand Tube Shrinking, Spike-Tip Hair

Using the same method as Linking, the natural hair is inserted into the tube, slid close to the scalp and the Spike-Tip Hair is inserted into the tube.  Next, a shrinking tool is used to cause the tube to shrink, capturing the natural hair and extension hair together.  Removal is done by applying a small amount of remover to the tube and pinching it with the remover tool.

Clip-in Extensions:  Clip-ins come with medium size clips on the end of the weft and are clipped directly into the hair.

Extensions may not be appropriate for people with alopecia, extremely thin hair or very damaged hair.

Cost:  Since there is such a wide range of extension methods and each salon charges the rate appropriate for their area, it is hard to give even a range of prices. The cost of Garland Drake hair will be the same no matter where you live.


Use products your stylist prefers. Conditioner is recommended for the ends of the hair to keep it from getting dry. Also, always dry the hair after washing, put hair into a braid for sleeping, and be careful of the attachment area when combing, brushing or curling. Hot appliances such as flat irons, curling irons, blow dryers are OK to use.

Garland Drake Company Info:

Established: 1987: Costa Mesa, California
Founder: Roy Westlake, Charlotte Jayne, Raymond Drake
Method: Clip-in, braiding tracks, bonding tracks, strand attachments
Hair Used: Human hair from China, India, Italy and Russia processed in Garland Drake Factories
Certification Required: NO
Cosmetology License Required: YES- only for certain products and services Training: Books, videos, hands-on workshops
Guarantees: Hair Guarantee - Full purchase price money-back guarantee as long as the hair has not been changed, cut, colored or permed.

Clip-in extensions can be purchased online.


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