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Clip-Ins: Extension hair is clipped directly to hair with tiny hair clips. This is an easy do-it-yourself solution for hair extensions. The hair is purchased with the tiny clips already attached on the ends. Clip-in extensions may be a great place to start if you are serious about getting hair extensions.


Clip-ins Hair Extensions

*Easy to attach, remove
*Can be re-used over and over
*Less expensive solution to getting thicker, longer hair

Hair:  Clip-ins are available with all types of human and synthetic hair.  The higher quality human hair will almost always be more expensive than other types.   

Attachment:  Tiny clips are attached to the ends of extension hair.  The clip-ins are attached in various locations on the scalp to complete a natural look.  If you are unsure of attachment, you can always bring your clip-in extensions to a stylist and have him or her attach them.  It may take some practice to perfect attaching clip-in hair extensions

Costs:  Clip-ins range in prices depending on the type of clip-ins and the quality of hair.  You are looking at anywhere from $100-500 for a set.

Where to find clip-ins:  Again, the clip-in extensions are sold in many different places. Search online for clip-in hair extensions and you will be presented with many options.

Here are the top 5 clip-in hair extension websites:

1. Garland Drake;
2. His and Her;
3. Clip Ins by Carol;
4. HairDo Hair Extensions;
5. Folica: