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*Unique patented method of  application lasts up to 3 months

*Uses synthetic fiber hair

*Has many advantages over human hair extensions

Hair:  Only synthetic fiber hair is used for the Dome ® Monofibre® method of attachment. There are two types of hair that they offer, Monofibre® and Prolin®. They are both made of synthetic materials and are much lighter than human hair.

Dome® does not recommend using human hair attachments with bonding methods because they will damage your hair. They also believe the origin of human hair is often unknown, and by the time the human hair reaches the salon it has been chemically treated to get its color and its condition is terrible.

Attachment: Hair needs to be from 2-4 inches long for application of extensions. Monofibre® extensions are applied by blending Monofibre® with tiny amounts of the person's natural hair.
The Monofibre® is secured at the root with a specially designed tool called “C2”. Very gentle heat is used to create a tiny heat seal ring. The ring then grows out naturally with the real hair until removal is desired. The ring can be broken by hand.

Monofibre® Hair Extensions can last up to 3 months. The attachment process can take up to 4 hours, depending on the salon and stylist.

Costs: A full head of extensions can cost up to 450 pounds ($800 US Dollars) Maintenance visits are extra.

Maintenance: All recommended after care products must be used. They are sold to the client at the time of the Monofibre® Hair Extension service. The products maintain the fiber in the extensions while conditioning the natural hair. Hot appliances may be used, although they must be kept on a low setting.

Dome ® Company Info:
Established: 1986
Founder: Simon Forbes
Method: Heat Seal
Hair Used: Monofibre®, Prolin®-manufactured by Dome® Cosmetics
Certification Required: YES
Cosmetology License YES
Training: Contact Dome ®
Guarantees:  Consult your Dome ® stylist for specific guarantees.