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*Uses synthetic fiber hair

*System lasts up to 4 months

*No glues, adhesives, sewing, weaving or tension

Hair:  ProHair™ is a synthetic fiber hair that is custom matched to the color and texture of your hair. The hair is made exclusively by ProStyles for hair extensions and looks and feels like real hair. It comes in 36 colors and three basic textures. The fiber hair will hold a style for days, even after shampooing.

Attachment:  The natural hair needs to be a minimum of 3” long. The fiber hair is braided to a small section of the natural hair, wrapped around the braid and secured with the ProStyles Heat Clamp. The heat causes the fiber hair to shrink down and lock to itself creating a heat seal in place at the root area. It can take 2-3 hours to install a full head of extensions.

The system will last up to 4 months at which time it must be removed. Removal is done very quickly by twisting and snapping the heat seal. The extension slides right off, leaving no residue on the natural hair. The hair is not re-useable.

Costs:  Average costs for a full head of extensions are $460 + up

Maintenance:  ProHair™ recommends using their aftercare products to keep the extensions in top shape. Use of a conditioning spray is recommended before any brushing or heat styling of the hair. The hair can be styled with a variety of hot rollers and tools.

Pro Styles Company Info:

Established: 1998

Founder: Gwen Massey (U.S.A.)

Richard Knox (U.K.)

Method: Heat seal

Hair Used: Synthetic fiber hair

Certification Required: YES

Cosmetology License: YES

Training: Stylists must complete 2-day hands-on training program Guarantees. Synthetic fiber hair is guaranteed for color and texture. Consult your ProHair™ stylist for specific guarantees on attachment.