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*Extensions are comfortable to wear, easy to remove or tighten

*No glue, no machines, no silly gimmicks---ONLY the ancient art of string

*Attached with a weave or pinch braid
Hair:  Hair Police uses quality Asian and Indian hair + synthetic fiber hair from various hair suppliers. The human hair and synthetic fiber hair can be reused over and over again since the Hair Police methods do not use glue or bonds. Synthetic fiber hair will last about 4 months or so and human hair will last from 6 months to 1 year. Proper care and maintenance of the extensions must be followed to prolong the life of the extensions.

Hair extensions are attached two different ways--with a weave or pinch braid--no glue or bond. The natural hair needs to be at least 2 inches long and both methods will work on all hair types, including very thin and fine hair.

Attachment:  Weave: a small cornrow braid is made across the back of the head. A weft of hair is sewn into the braid.

Pinch braids: a small piece of the extension hair is braided into a small piece of natural hair. The tiny little braid is secured with a string knot.

Both attachment methods can be done with human or synthetic fiber hair. The human hair texture and color can be matched perfectly to the color and texture of your own hair.

Costs:  Costs will vary. The average price for human hair extensions ranges from $500-$850 and synthetic extensions from $475-550. Hair Police recommends tightening the extensions every 2-3 months. Some Hair Police clients have been wearing extensions since 1986 

Maintenance:  Care sheet detailing proper care for the extensions is given to the client. Basic care includes washing with a good shampoo and Kerasilk conditioner. Blow dryers are OK for both synthetic and human hair. Curling irons are OK for human hair and NOT OK for synthetic fiber hair.
Hot rollers are OK for synthetic fiber hair. You can color your roots, but it is not a good idea to color the extension hair. Perming the extensions is NOT recommended.

Hair Police Company Info:
Established: 1986; Minneapolis, Minnesota
Founder: Sonia Peterson
Method: Attached with string
Hair Used: Quality Asian and Indian human hair, synthetic fiber hair. Hair Police recommends hair suppliers to stylists.
Certification Required: YES
Cosmetology License: YES
Training: 3-day Extension/dread class
Guarantees. Contact your stylist for guarantee information. Hair Police does not directly offer any guarantees
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