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Hair Extension consultation

When you start imagining yourself with long, beautiful hair, you may begin to get very excited.  It will be very easy to get distracted from the details that will be covered in the hair extension consultation.


Our advice to you is:  Be prepared.  Knowledge is power!

Getting hair extensions is not like getting hair color or a hair cut.  It is a very intense service that can greatly affect the health of your hair for years to come.  Be smart and make the right choices or you may end up regretting your decision to get hair extensions.

You should NOT get hair extensions as an impulse decision.  If you feel pressured at all to make a decision right then and there---i.e. the sale we are having ends today….  Then you should be very cautious.  Maybe the salon or stylist doesn’t want you to do research or check things.  Take your time, evaluate details, do your research, get a second and third opinion and then make your decision.

Being fully prepared for your hair extension consultation will save you time, money and aggravation in the long run. We have made a checklist for what should happen at the consultation, what you should ask your stylist and what you should do after your consultation (Yes there is some homework to do!!)

Some stylists will charge a small fee for the consultation and apply it to the cost of the hair extensions. Although free consultations are a great thing, you should consider that a stylist does not work for free. Don’t schedule a free hair extension consultation unless you are serious about hair extensions.

Each stylist will have different procedures for the consultation and there are several things that should happen regardless of the stylist or the salon you visit.

Find out what the STYLIST should do during a consultation

Find out what YOU should ask during the consultation

What are the RED FLAGS that should point you to a different stylist.