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What the Hair Stylist Does in a Consultation

Each stylist will have different procedures for the consultation and there are several things that should happen regardless of the stylist or the salon you visit.


Here is a checklist of what the stylist should do at a hair

extension consultation:


Check condition of your scalp: The condition of the scalp can be crucial to the success of some hair extension methods. An overly oily scalp will break down the adhesive materials of some methods. Also, if you scalp is  irritated, you may have issues with extensions.

Check condition of your hair: Is your hair overly processed? Is it brittle, damaged in any way? Some stylists do a tension test, where they will take one or two hair strands and pull firmly on them. The purpose of this test is to see if your hair is strong enough to hold the human hair extensions.

Ask about your hair care habits: How frequently do you shampoo/condition? Do you perm/color your own hair? How much time do you spend styling your hair every day? What hair care products do you use? These are all important considerations for hair extensions. If you don’t take care of your own hair, then chances are you won’t care for even longer hair.

Ask about your lifestyle: Do you swim often? Exercise regularly? Do you wear your hair up in a pony tail often?

Ask about your hair style desires: Why do you want hair extensions? What length and color are you looking for? How will you style the extensions? After you get hair extensions, you must have your hair cut and styled the way you want.

Ask about your health: Are you on any medications? Are you suffering from Alopecia, or severe hair thinning? Some medications will interfere with the hair extension process 0Ask about your sensitivities: Are you sensitive or allergic to anything? There have been cases where clients have allergic reactions to the products used for hair extensions

Discuss how hair extensions are maintained: The stylist should cover Do’s and Don’ts and maintenance involved for hair extensions. Some stylists will provide you with a written maintenance contract.

Discuss details of putting in extensions: How exactly are the extensions attached, where the hair comes from, how long it takes and how often you will need to have them maintained. What is the name of the method that they will be using for your hair. Why is that the best method for your hair.

Explain the costs: Details of how much everything costs. How often you will need to come in for maintenance visits, How much the hair cost, installation cost, What is covered exactly in the total price. If you have several extensions fall out after a few weeks, will the stylist put them back in for no charge, etc.


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