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Extend Magic Hair Extensions

*Adhesive material is almost 4.2 times stronger than hot melt glue
*Can be used to extend a single strand of hair
*Works for hair loss, thinning, bald spots

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Hair: High quality human hair is recommended for the Extend Magic attachment of extensions.  High quality synthetic hair can be used as long as it does not melt at 120 degrees Celsius.

Attachment: Hand held devices, ExtendMagic-Grip and ExtendMagic-Tip are used to attach the extensions.  ExtendMagic is controlled by a micro-processor. A CPU controls precision step-motors for heat application and tape progression. 

The devices are controlled by three buttons, power, auto-manual and tape-no tape and a trigger. Attach and removal of the extensions is completed with the ExtendMagic devices.  Attachment can be made as close as 5 mm( 0.2 in) from the scalp,  so if one's hair is 0.5 inch long, you can extend.  The Extend magic method is patented or patent-pending in USA, EU etc.  The extensions will last anywhere from 3-4 months.

Maintenance:  Regular maintenance visits to stylist are recommended.
Costs: Prices vary depending on amount of extensions attached.  Average price for a quarter size bald spot is $200-400.  Some stylists charge a flat $200/hour and up to add the extensions.  Prices will also vary depending on the quality and type of human hair ordered.

Extend Magic Company Info:
Founder:  Myun Lee
Hair Used:  Human hair from various hair suppliers
Method:  Adhesive tape
Training Required:  Nationwide workshop and training classes in 2007
Certification Required:   NO

Guarantees: For specific guarantees, consult with your Extend Magic Stylist.   For more information see:


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