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*System lasts for 4-6 months or more

*Special quality hair is re-usable for up to 2 years

*Unique clear keratin bond blends easily with any hair color

Hair: Hairdreams® offers two different qualities of human hair, Basic and Special. Basic hair is Indian hair that is  collected from Indian Temples and gently processed. Special hair is unprocessed, virgin hair of European origin. It is guaranteed for up to 2 years.

All Hairdreams® hair is pre-tipped with a clear keratin based formula that is very similar to the molecular structure of human hair. After removal, the Special hair is sent back to Hairdreams® to be re-tipped. One can save thousands of dollars over several years of extension wear by re-using the human hair.

Attachment: The clear keratin based bond on the tip of the extension hair is heated up with a special heating tool and then attached directly to the human hair. It can take several hours to apply a full head of Hairdreams® extensions. Removal is very easy with a special spray removal solution that breaks down the bonds. A special tool is then used to take off the extension. If Special hair is used, it will be sent to Hairdreams® to be re-tipped.

Hairdreams® has a research and development team that is working on better and faster ways to apply extensions.  

Additional Systems:

Hairdreams Effect Strands-Human hair in wild fashion colors.

Hairdreams Microlines-Exclusive hair thickening system, top quality custom-made genuine hair wig

Hairdreams Folium-Custom made growing folio toupees

Costs:  Average costs $1300 and up. Consultations are imperative to determine costs.

Maintenance: Hairdreams® recommends using their line of hair care products. Using a special brush for the extensions is also recommended along with an anti-tap spray to put on the bonds. Hot appliances such as curling irons, flat irons, rollers, blow dryers, etc. are OK to use as long as the bonds are not directly touched with heat. Special care instructions are given to clients.

Who should not get Hairdreams®: Anyone who is currently in treatment for cancer.

Hairdreams® Company Info

Established: 2001 USA 1994: Europe:

Method: Fusion

Hair Used: Two grades of human hair: Indian and European human hair

Certification Required: YES

Cosmetology License: YES

Training: 2-day Hands-on Training Class

Guarantees: Hairdreams® Special hair (European) is guaranteed for 2 years of use as long as special care instructions are followed. For guarantees on attachment, consult with your Hairdreams® stylist.








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