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Chrissy V Hair Extensions


Chrissy V

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*Patented method and products designed to work with fine/fragile hair

*System can be attached in 1 hour and lasts for 4-6 weeks

*Hair is re-useable

Hair:  Quality 100% human hair of European origin is used for the extension system. Chrissy V recommends trusted hair suppliers to hair stylists that do the method. Hair is purchased in wefts.

Attachment:  Chrissy V offers a lineal cold bond and bond remover hair extension system where wefts of hair are attached to the natural hair using a specially formulated and patented adhesive. The adhesive comes in several different colors and can be color matched to your natural hair or the weft of hair. The ends of the wefts are anchored to securely attach the hair.

Removal is done very quickly with a remover solution that opens up the molecular structure of the bond and the bond can simply be brushed out of the hair. Removal can be done in about 15 minutes. Wefts of hair are re-usable for as long as the hair lasts-sometimes up to 1-1/2 years.
Chrissy V is a method that is used on actors and actresses on movie sets and television shows because it can be done so quickly.

Costs:  Cost of the hair will vary depending on the hair supplier and the quality of the hair purchased. Costs to attach the wefts run between $45-55 per row. Total costs for a full head of attachments can run $200 and up plus the cost of the hair.

Maintenance:  Chrissy V recommends using her exclusive line of Chrissy V Hair System Products that are formulated for the special requirements of long extension hair.  Appliances such as blow dryers, flat irons, curling irons are OK to use

Chrissy V Company Info:
Established: 1994
Founder: Chrissy + Rick Vitallo
Hair Used: Wefts of 100% human hair of European origin. Stylists purchase hair from recommended hair suppliers.
Method: Bonding
Certification Required: NO
Cosmetology License: YES
Training: Offers 1-day hand-on course, videos
Where to find salons: