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*Products designed for people with fine, thin hair

*Uses Cyberhair® that has style memory, quite versatile

*Attached without adhesive, no solvents required

Hair: Cyberhair® is used on all the Micro Point Solutions Products, a nylon man made strong hair that resembles healthy growing hair, that is very light in weight, very strong, and has style memory, and love water, so swimming is recommended, and it is  great for clients with fine thin fragile hair.

Attachment:  The products of Micro Point Solutions are designed for people with fine thin hair.  Links = a non surgical transplant, attach 4 Cyberhairs to 1 growing hair for volume or to add length.  Accents = micro mini, light weight Cyberhair® of 100 hairs extensions.

The hair has to be at least 2" long to attach a Micro Point link (4 hair) or  a Micro Point accent (100 hair).  

The "links" ( 4 hair)  are attached with out any type of adhesive, because we use Cyberhair® that has a cuticle present on the hair and the growing hair has cuticle and with our special knot, no adhesive is needed, and that means no solvent.

The "accents” (100 hair) are attached by compressing a small sterling silver bead, covered with Cyberhair®, and cushioned on the inside with silicone

(for hair protection), and again no adhesive and not solvent.

Neither of the products are reusable.

Costs:  Price can be quoted per accent (average $10-15 per accent) or for a full head of micro point extensions -$500 and up depending on the quantity of links or accents attached and the location of the salon.

Maintenance:  The links will stay on till they eventually shed off.  It is  recommended that you come back every month to have additional volume added, and to keep your hair at its fullest ( you know you loose 100 hairs per day on your growing hair), and you want to keep different levels of links for the maximum fullness.

Note: accents need to come out every 8 weeks, so they do not grow down and twist and cause excess weight, like all extensions do. They are removed very easily, by a crimping tool that opens the bead and it slides right off.

Micro Point Extensions are NOT recommended for people who have very damaged hair or not enough hair for to make a difference, they then need scalp treatments to give their hair a rest, or maybe a hair system would be better for the client.

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Method: Attached with tiny silicone lined bead
Hair Used: Cyberhair®- nylon man-made hair
Certification Required: YES
Cosmetology License: YES
Training: Hands on training
Guarantees. Contact your stylist for guarantee information. 

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