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How are Hair Extensions Attached?

Believe it or not, there are probably hundreds of different ways to attach hair extensions to your natural hair. And no, they don't use Elmers glue to do it.

Hair Extension Salons & Stylists
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Every method of hair extensions can damage your hair. If the extensions are attached and removed properly by a trained and/or certified hair stylist, you have lowered your risk of any type of damage close to zero.

Hair extensions are still a relatively new service and changes are constant as companies develop newer, faster and better ways to attach extensions. There are now methods designed for specific hair issues, like thinning hair, damaged hair and more.

You should keep in mind that the hair extension method that works for one of your friends may not be the method for your hair. It is very important that you research all the different methods available today and schedule several hair extension consultations with diferent stylists in your area.

Basically, Hair Extensions are not a one size fits all. So.. get started with your research. There are 6 basic categories of hair extensions methods. Each category has many different brands of hair extensions.



Micro Methods

Heat Seal


String Methods

Man Made Skin

Do It Yourself