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Average Cost
$500 + up

* Attached using an all-natural organic protein
* Can last 3-5 months
* Less costly than equivalent systems

: 100% European Remi cuticle hair is used for Cinderella extensions. The hair is processed in China, shipped to Cinderella Hair and sold directly to the stylist. Hair comes with the tips pre-bonded with a special bonding agent made from organic materials (not a silicone coat like other systems). The all natural components make the application non-damaging. The hair is not re-usable.
Extension hair is attached by heating the pre-tipped bond on the extension hair with a low temperature bonding system and then molding it to your own hair. A full head of extensions can take about 4 hours to put in. Removal of the extensions is quick and easy using a specially formulated bond remover and removal instrument.
Cinderella hair extensions can last anywhere from 3-5 months or more depending on how fast the hair grows and how well it is maintained.
Costs: Average costs are $500 + up. Individual
extensions can run $10 each
Basic tips include:
Maintenance appointment two weeks to check extensions
Use only Cinderella Hair products
Do not let the bonds remain wet for long periods of time
Do not use products that contain sulfur (dandruff shampoo)
Do not use oil base or silicon based products (will weaken bonds)
Use Cinderella Hair Loop brush and combs
Maintenance kits are available.
Cinderella Company Info:
Established: Not confirmed
Founder: Not confirmed
Method: Fusion
Hair Used: 100% European cuticle hair manufactured in
Certification Required: NO
Cosmetology License: YES
Training: Videos, 2-Day Seminar
Guarantees: Contact your Cinderella Hair Stylist for
details on specific guarantees


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