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Hair Extensions Suitability Test

So, you think that you want to get hair extensions? The Hair Extensions Suitability Test will help you determine if you are a

strong candidate for getting the more permanent type of hair extensions (lasts 2-6 months) or the less permanent type (clip-ins and type that last several weeks).

Directions: Enter a checkmark in the appropriate boxes and add up your score. Total your scores for A, B, C and D. Compare your results in the Results Chart.






1. Are you allergic to adhesives, metals or rubber products?

A. No allergies

B. Only allergic to adhesives and/or rubber products

C. Only allergic to metals

D. Severe allergy to adhesives, metals + rubber products





2. How often do you visit the salon?

A. Often, every 2 months or so

B. Every 3 months

C. 2-3 times a year

D. Go to the salon, are you kidding?  I cut my own hair, color my own hair; I save tons of money.





3. How often do you exercise?

A. 0-3 times per week

B. 4-6 times per week

C. 7-10 times per week

D. Twice a day





4. How often do you swim or use hot saunas?

A. Never

B. Occasionally; maybe 6 times per year

C. Frequently; several times each week

D. Daily





Hair Extensions Suitability Test Continued





5. What hair products do you use on your hair right now?

A. Professional salon products

B. Higher priced drugstore products

C. Medium priced drugstore products

D. Baby Shampoo, cheapest available





6. Would you be willing to pay more for hair products if you get hair extensions?

A. Absolutely

B.  I would use whatever shampoo/conditioner was required to maintain extensions.

C. I would pay a little bit more, maybe up to 20% more.

C.  I can’t see paying any more money for my hair care products





7. Are you experiencing any sudden hair loss or significant hair thinning?

A. No

B. Just a little thinning

C. Moderate amount of hair loss

D. Yes, a lot of hair loss.





8. Do you have the nervous habit of picking at your hair or scalp?

A. No

B. Occasionally

C. Frequently when I’m nervous or stressed.

D. Yes





9. Do you follow directions well?

A. Yes

B. Most of the time

C. Sometimes

D.  I can’t be bothered with directions.  I’m too busy.





10. Is your hair damaged?

A. No, my hair is in normal.

B. No, but my hair is a little dry.

C. A little.  My hair is slightly damaged all over from over processing, coloring.

D. Yes.  My hair is very brittle and damaged.





Hair Extensions Suitability Test, Continued





11. Do you plan to get hair extensions from the first salon you can find that offers this service?

A.  No. I plan to look at several salons and do some research online.

B.  I will probably call just 2 salons and research

C. I will do a little bit of research; try to see the difference in all the methods.

D. Yes.  I see no need to visit several salons.  I want hair extensions like yesterday.





12. How much are you willing to spend on hair extensions?

A.  I am willing to spend whatever it takes, even 1,000’s to get long, thick hair.

B.  My budget is $500-800

C.  I want hair extensions, but I only can spend up to $500

D.  Maybe what it cost me for a hair cut, $20-50





13. What is your motivation for getting hair extensions?

A. Hair loss, Hair Thinning, Fashion

B.  Always wanted long hair.

C. I want hair extensions for an upcoming event: prom, wedding, party, etc.

D. Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Anniston wear them and they look awesome, so I really want them.





14. How much time are you willing to spend every day styling your hair?

A. Over 40 minutes

B. 30-40 minutes

C. I can spend about 20 minutes on my hair.

D. No more than 10 minutes.  I am a brush and go person?





15. What are your thoughts on costs versus quality, when it concerns products and services?

A. If you want quality, it will cost more.

B. Sometimes quality products will cost more

C. I can get high quality products for a reasonable price.

D. I should get the highest quality for next to nothing.











Hair Extensions Suitability Test, Continued





16. How good would you say you are at styling and maintaining your own hair style?

A.  Good.  I can create a ‘just came from the salon’ look on my own

B.  Average.  I can sometimes do a great job styling my hair.

C.  Below Average.  I sometimes have trouble getting it styled

D.  I don’t have a clue how to style my hair or maintain it.










17. How confident are you that a long hair style will look good on you?

A.  I have had long hair before and I know it will look good; or, I am thinking of hair extensions to thicken my hair

B. Fairly confident.  I have tried a long hair style on with hair imaging software

C. Somewhat confident.  Friends have told me I would look good.

D.  I don’t really know.  I just like long hair.





TOTALS—Add the number of responses for each letter and put the totals in the boxes located to the right.





Multiply Ax4; Bx3; Cx2; Dx1  Enter totals in boxes located to right





Add together all totals A + B + C + D= 





Now, we must move to the evaluation part.  First you must calculate your total score.  Follow the instructions below to find out what your score is:


A Responses:  Multiply your total A responses by 4

B Responses:  Multiply your total B responses by 3

C Responses:  Multiply your total C responses by 2

D Responses:  Multiply your total D responses by 1


Add together the totals for each letter.  This is your total score.  Proceed to the next page to evaluate your suitability for hair extensions.

So, how did you do?  Look at the ranges below and see.  

Results Chart


Total Score: If your score is between:

Suitability for hair extensions



Very Suitable

You take good care of your hair and have habits and lifestyle that are conducive to good hair extensions.



You have the characteristics of a good hair extension client.


Maybe Suitable

You may be suitable for certain types of hair extensions.   Your C and D answers will help a stylist determine what hair extension method is suitable for you.


Not Suitable

You are not suitable for the permanent hair extensions that last between 2-4 months.  You may want to consider temporary extensions or clip-in extensions.



Results Disclaimer

Please be advised that just because your results indicate that you are suitable for hair extensions, does not mean that you should get them.  You should schedule several hair extension consultations and get a professional opinion.


Your Score

If you scored 18 or higher and want more information about getting hair extensions, there are 3 very important factors that you must consider before you actually get hair extensions.

1.  There are many methods for attaching hair extensions.  These methods are not a one size fits all.  Each method is designed for a specific hair type and purpose.  It is very important that you choose the right method for your hair type.


2.  Hair extensions can be expensive.  Most methods require regular maintenance visits, special washing and maintenance steps.  Don’t invest a ton of money in your hair extensions and then ruin them because you don’t take care of them.


3.  Every hair extension method has the potential to cause permanent hair loss and damage.  You must do your research and make sure your stylist is qualified to attach and remove hair extensions