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6 Steps to Getting Hair Extensions

If you feel overwhelmed by your decision to get hair extensions, you are not alone.


There are so many different methods, qualities of hair and a vast array of stylists that may or may not have proper training.

So, how is one supposed to make sense of it all and make a decision? We have narrowed down some of the information into 6 simple steps. If you follow each of these steps you may have better success at coming to a decision based on objective criteria.

Many times the only objective criteria that people use is costs. You go to 3 different hair extensions consultations and decide on the one that is the least expensive. We have received many Emails from people that have gone with a cheaper stylist only to report that their hair is ruined, their extensions fell out and that the stylist is doing nothing to correct the situation. Don't make the same mistake yourself. Be sure to evaluate each stylist based on other criteria than money.

Step 1

Determine if you are suited for hair extensions.

Not everyone that wants to get hair extensions should get them. They are expensive and take extra time to style and maintain . Take the hair extensions suitability test and find out if you are suited for getting them.

Step 2

Research all the different methods for attaching hair extensions.

Find out specific details about every method, such as how they are attached, removed, how long they last and what type of hair they are designed for. Start researching hair extensions methods now.

Step 3

Select one or more of the hair extension methods that you reviewed and want more information about. By selecting more than one method you can schedule consultations with different stylists and then compare all the qualities of each method.

Step 4

Find salons or stylists that offer the methods you selected and schedule several extension consultations.

Step 5

Go to your consulatations. Check out the stylists/salon qualifications to do hair extensions. Find out where they were trained, if any complaints have been filed against them, etc. Get several references from each stylist and be sure to call each one of them. Ask what can go wrong in the consultation.

Step 6

If you have done all of your research properly, you have probably come to a decision about which stylist to go to for your hair extensions. Now your only step is to get them. Now the dream of having fabulous long flowing hair is becoming a reality.