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*The No Heat, No Glue, No Braiding, No Sewing Hair Extension Method

*Invented for fine + fragile hair

*Patented system

Hair:  Remi full cuticle hair from various European countries and Russia is imported and processed by Hair Locs™. Hair is custom ordered for exact match. The hair is re-useable over several applications-sometimes up to 3 years if maintained properly. The hair comes with a wax tip on the end of it.

Attachment:  Hair needs to be a minimum of 1-in. long to get these extensions. They are suitable for men and women. Small sections of natural hair and extension hair are pulled thru tiny soft copper locs. The loc is crimped with a special tool and closes securing the extension hair in place.

The soft copper loc comes in 4 different sizes. Smaller locs will be used in more visible places and larger locs in less visible places on the head. The Hair Loc extensions will last either 3 months or until 3-inches of growth. Removal of the locs is very easy. A removal tool opens the loc and it can be re-used many times.

Costs:  Average costs are $900-4000.

Maintenance:  A maintenance contract must be read and signed by the client. Details include specifically how to care for the hair, what products to use, not to use and hair appliances. Included in the contract is a Do’s + Don’ts page. Hair care products that contain wax or oils are not recommended to use on the Hair Locs™ extensions.

Who shouldn't get Hair Locs™  Anyone who is undergoing chemotherapy should not get Hair Locs™ extensions. Hair Locs™ recommends getting extensions 3-months after treatment. Also, any one with very brittle hair with lots of breakage is not recommended for these types of extensions.

Hair Locs™ Company Info:

Established: 1997

Founder: Maria + Pepe Arroyo

Method: Micro Locs

Hair Used: Full Cuticle Spanish, Russian, Italian human hair

Certification Required: YES

Cosmetology License: YES

Training: 1-day course

Guarantees: Hair is custom ordered and can be returned if it is not an exact match. Hair is guaranteed against tangling and matting as long as proper hair care maintenance is followed. For attachment guarantees, consult with stylist.

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