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*Tiny soft color-matched plastic sleeves are used to attach extensions using gentle heat in 1-2 hours

*Entire process is patented in 26 countries

*Extension hair is reusable, up to several years if maintained properly

Hair used:  Bellargo ® uses only untreated top quality virgin hair that is cut from women of European origin. They do not use any hair that has been chemically treated or dyed. The extension hair is a very high quality hair and can be reused over and over again for years before needing to be replaced. All products and hair are imported from Germany. Synthetic fiber hair can also be used with the Bellargo® method.

Attachment:  The hair extensions are attached to your own hair using a tiny soft sleeve which matches your hair color. The hair extensions are pre-tipped with a specially formulated polymer. The extension is slipped into a tiny soft sleeve along with some of your natural hair. The sleeve is gently heated with a heating apparatus. The heat shrink wraps the sleeve and attaches the extension hair to your natural hair. Your natural hair does not come in contact with heat, as only the tip of the extension hair is heated.

Blending of colors is done very easily for a very natural look. The attachment is very strong and there is minimal shedding.  An entire head of Bellargo® extensions can be applied in 1-2 hours.
Removal of the extensions involves heating the tiny soft sleeve and removing the extensions. The condition of the natural hair can even be improved with wearing the extensions.

The hair does not become matted and there is no strain placed on the scalp or the hair by attaching and removing the extensions. The entire Bellargo® process is patented. See their website at for copies of all the patents. The natural hair must be at least 2-1/2 -3 in. long to attach Bellargo® extensions. The hair can be chemically treated. All Bellargo® stylists are trained to perform chemical processing on hair extensions.

Costs:  Bellargo® is an international company: prices will vary greatly from salon to salon. US prices run from $1800-5000. Maintenance visits are required every 3-4 months and run around $200.
Maintenance:  Hair care products that contain silicone, wax or oil are not recommended. The hair should be pulled up in a pony tail at night. Hair dryers, curling irons, flat irons are OK to use. Your stylist will advise you on any further maintenance steps specific to your hair condition.

Other methods available:
Micro Bellargo:
This is a long term method for invisibly attaching toupees, half wigs and other pieces. See:
Bellargo® USA Company Info:
Established: 2000
Pennsylvania, Richard Kroll
Founder: Bellargo®: Heidi-Rose Gang
Germany, Founded 1992
Method: Micro sleeves
Hair used: Untreated cut European hair
Certification required: Yes
Cosmetology license: Yes
Training: 1-Day Course
Guarantees: 12-month guarantee in writing for hair and micro sleeves.
Find salons, see website:

Owner of Bellargo USA: Richard Kroll