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*Patented method

*Offers only keratin tipped hair guaranteed by manufacturer not to fail

*Hair is processed in a way that cuticle and cortex are not damaged.

Hair: 100% Remi hair is used, guaranteed not to exceed 30 years of age.  Hair is gently processed so that the cuticle and cortex of the hair are not damaged.   Lord & Cliff 100% Human Hair Extensions are available in six textures (Crystal Fusion, Pony Wave, Fusion 3000, Wet & Wavy, Deep Wave, and Fusion Yaki) and three lengths (12, 16, and 20 inches).

Hair comes pre-bonded with protein based adhesive. The company is introducing two new lines of extensions. One, the Lord & Cliff Exuberant, features a 90-day warranty against premature bond failure. Initially, the brand will be available in two popular textures beginning February 2007, Crystal Silky and Body Pony Wave, and a broad range of colors. The second is a long anticipated "no heat" system.   Lord & Cliff expects to debut the LC Express during the Spring of 2007.  

The company does not recommend reusing any manufacturer’s bonded hair: The primary reason is that extension hair does not benefit from natural lubrication and moisture found in "growing" hair. Moisturizers and conditioners cannot infuse the extensions with moisture that is progressively lost to routine maintenance of bonded hair. More time is required to reattach hair than to attach new extensions, and time is money.

Attachment:  Fusion Hair Extensions: Pre-bonded tips are heated and then the extension is attached to your natural hair about ½ inch from the scalp using a specially designed applicator tool.  If the extensions are attached properly by a Lord & Cliff Certified Extensionist©, they have a practical life of approximately 3 months.  The natural hair needs to be about 3-in. long to attach the extensions.

Some manufacturers say their extensions last longer, but the reality is that extensions shed, dry, and the client’s natural hair grows, all factors conspiring to shorten the life of extensions. The attachment procedure can take several hours to complete, depending on the number of extensions required and the experience of the stylist.

Removal is done with the use of Lord & Cliff fusion hair remover.

Maintenance:  Regular maintenance visits (twice a month) with your stylist are required, as well as the Lord & Cliff Shampoo, Conditioner and Brush.  Avoid using blow dryers on hot settings- use the cool or warm settings.  Do not use any hot appliances, i.e. flat iron, directly on the point of attachment.  Hair should be washed 2 times a week in cool or warm water.

Costs: $900-1500 and up, depending on the amount of extensions attached

Lord & Cliff Company Info:

Established: Fusion Hair Extensions introduced in 2002


Hair Used:  100% Remi Hair

Certification Required: YES

Cosmetology License: YES

Training: One day class, 10 hours of intensive instruction followed by a course of practice.

Guarantee: Lord & Cliff Exuberant extensions are the only human hair extensions on the market with a keratin bond guaranteed by the manufacturer not to fail.   All Lord & Cliff warranties require the stylist to be certified by Lord & Cliff. The company recommends that prospective hair extension clients ask their stylist for verification of company sanctioned certification, or call Lord & Cliff Toll Free. (Call Lord & Cliff at (877) 753-4247 (HAIR)




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