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Tress Allure

*TressAllure X puts less stress on hair shaft than strand by strand methods


TresAllure Website:

Where to find salons:

Call 1-866-908-HAIR (4247)

*Brand new TressAllure Strand by Strand method offers solution for wider range of hair types

*Great for adding density to fine or thinning hair, adding non-chemical highlights

Hair:  Quality Asian human hair, processed in a tightly controlled laboratory environment that ensures a high quality to the finished product.  Hair is re-usable up to 12 weeks if properly maintained.

Attachment:  Wefts of extension hair are attached to the natural hair using a red set up tape and a white finishing TressAllure Tape.  The hair is parted and sectioned.  The red set up tape is attached to the natural hair and small strands of hair above the part are pulled down and pressed onto the tape.  The weft  of extension hair, with the white finishing tap already attached, is then placed and aligned on the red set up taped.  The weft is pressed in place.  Application process for TressAllure X can be completed in less than 1 hour.  Removal is done quickly with the help of a citrus remover solution that loosens the adhesive material and allows for gentle removal of the extensions.  TressAllure X extensions can last from 4-6 weeks.

The TressAllure X extension system works best on people with average to finer hair density.  TressAllure has just released a new system, called TressAllure Strands that is a strand by strand hair extension method.  The attachment is done by selecting a small section of the customer’s hair and then, using a purging tool (heating element), applying the polymate tip to the selected strands. The purging tool heats the polymate tip and then the tip is wrapped around the selected strands creating the bond.  The application process for the strand by strand method can take several hours to complete.  TressAllure Strands extensions can last up to 6 months and are suitable for a wider range of hair types and clients.

Maintenance:  Use of TressAllure hair care products specifically designed for extension hair is recommended.  Maintenance contracts cover basic care of the hair extensions.  Hot appliances are okay.  Avoid direct contact of heat at the point of attachment.

Costs:  A full head of TressAllure X Extensions will run $600 and up.  TressAllure Strands, the strand by strand method, can run $1500 and up.

TressAllure Company Info:

Hair used: Quality Asian Hair

Method: Tape

Training Required: 1 day training class

Certification Required:  YES

Cosmetology License:  YES

Where to find salons:  Call 1-866-908-HAIR (4247)


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