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*Lasts 8-10 weeks

*If removed carefully, extensions can be re-used

*No tension on hair or scalp

Hair:  100% human quality hair is purchased from independent hair suppliers. Synthetic fiber hair can be used with the Monkey Barrz system (although it is not highly recommended)

Attachment:  Natural hair needs to be long enough to cover the point of attachment. The extension hair is attached strand by strand using Monkey Barrz hot-melt adhesive designed exclusively for attaching hair extensions. The 4-in. adhesive sticks are placed in a temperature controlled trigger-fed gun that controls the amount of adhesive that is applied to the extension.

A full head of extensions typically takes between 80-150 extensions and can take from 2-5 hours to install. Anyone with an allergy to acetone (the main ingredient in nail polish remover) plastic or nylon should not get Monkey Barrz extensions. Also Monkey Barrz extensions are not recommended for anyone that has severe thinning in the crown area.

Removal of the extensions is done using the Monkey Barrz Removal Solution. If removed carefully, the hair extensions can be re-used several times.

Costs:  Custom hair extensions can range anywhere from $100 to $3000 depending on what you are having done.

Maintenance:  Clients who get hair extensions need to follow home hair care instructions. Taking care of long hair requires work.  Stylists will recommend products that are suited for hair extensions.

Monkey Barrz Company Info:

Established: 1992
Founder: Sherl Fretheim
Method: Fusion
Hair Used: 100% human hair from recommended hair
Certification Required: No
Cosmetology License: Yes
Training: Instructional Video
Guarantees. Contact your stylist for any guarantees or
warranty for your human hair and hair extensions
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