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Microchet Hair Extensions

*Does not require heat or chemicals for attachment, or strong chemicals for removal

*Uses crochet hook to attach extension hair one by one

*Gentle, very light, ultra thin extension system

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Hair:  Cuticle human hair is used.  Hair is available in many different colors.  Color, texture and wave can be matched. 

Attachment:  The extension hair  is placed on a crochet hook and attached one by one using a special thread technique.  As the natural hair grows (about 2-3 months)out, the extension will become loose.  Removal is done by cutting the thread.  About 40% of the hair can be reused after removal. 

The attachment process takes an average of 3 or more hours.

Costs:  For a full head of extensions or full volume, the price ranges from $1500 – 1700 for a full head of extensions, depending on the salon location and the amount of hair extensions required.

Maintenance:  Regular maintenance visits with the stylist are recommended to address any shedding, damaged strands and re-attach fresh extensions.

Microchet Company Info
Founder:  Charles Oh
Method: Attached with string
Hair Used: Quality cuticle human hair
Certification Required: NO
Cosmetology License: YES
Training: Instructional DVD Training
Guarantees. Contact your stylist for guarantee information. 
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