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Invisible Hair Extensions

*No Bumps, Braids, Clips, Knots, Seams,

Hooks, Elastic Velcro, Sewing, Resin Beads or Metal Tubes *Extensions designed for fine or baby fine hair, alopecia areata and trichotillamania patients
*Methods, products, procedure are patented

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Hair:  Invisible Hair™ uses 100% Remi cuticle human hair. Many colors are available and 3 different textures: straight with slight body wave, textured yaki straight and ringlet curl. Lengths of 16-18" extension hair are available for Remi straight and 14" for the textured hair. Extension hair can be reused up to 3 times.

Man-Made Skin:  Patented skin toned polyurethane blends in well with most skin tones and can easily be tinted to match. It can be altered for a custom shape for a perfect fit. Extension hair is attached one single strand at a time using a 'V' looping technique. Several separate colors are blended in each hair addition to provide a natural appearance.

Attachment:  The polyurethane skin and hair is grafted directly on the
scalp using an FDA approved medical grade adhesive.  An air tight and water tight seal is created to allow 5-8 weeks of secure attachments. The client’s hair will continue to grow while the grafted hair addition remains
securely attached to the scalp. The product lies completely flat making it very comfortable to wear and sleep. A full head of extensions can be applied in less than 3 hours

Other Attachments:  Invisible Hair Integration: A three quarters all skin
stretchable cap with elongated openings that are very easy to draw hair through.  Invisible Hair Band: A removable temple to temple hair addition that offers a generous amount of hair.   Invisible Hair Web: Ultra  light-weight top of the head hair addition
Suggested retail prices from Invisible Hair™:
Full Head: $995:1/2 Head: $495:
1/4 Head: $250
Apply: $100-200/hour; Remove: $60-50/hour
Color: $80-100/hour; Perm: $80-100/hour

Maintenance:  Follow written instructions for hair care. You should use
special hair products, brushes and appliances to keep the extensions in good condition. For very detailed care instructions, see website.

Invisible Hair™ Company Info:
Established: 2001
Founder: Dawn Harrison
Method: Man-made layer of skin containing extension
hair is grafted to scalp.
Hair Used: 100% Remi human hair + Yaki human hair
purchased from Invisible Hair™
Certification Required: YES
Cosmetology License: YES
Training: Hands-on, on-site classes, books, videotapes
Guarantees: Contact Invisible Hair™ or your stylist for guarantees on removable hair extensions
Where to find salons: Send Email to: