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Do It Yourself Hair Extensions



*Do-it-yourself method, and salon method
*Many resources and demos to learn method online
*Affordable hair extensions

Hair: Offers variety of human and synthetic hair Attachment: Shrinkies are an adhesive lined plastic shrink tubing. The extension hair is inserted into the shrinkie and heat is applied. The shrinkie shrinks and forms a seal with the natural hair forming an almost invisible bond. Removal can be done with a special oil or fusion glue remover. Shrinkies can last between 1-3 months depending on how well they are maintained.

Where to find Shrinkies: Do a search online at Google or Yahoo for ‘shrinkies’ There are many places to choose from. Average Costs: $150 + up, depending on the type and quality of hair you select. When in doubt, go with a higher quality hair.



*Latest DIY method involves adhesive tape
*Affordable hair extensions
*Lasts from 4-6 weeks

Hair:  Human hair in wefts. 

  Adhesive tape is used to position and place wefts of extension hair to the natural hair.  This method can last from 4-6 weeks.  Removal is done with the use of acetone, conditioners, citrus remover or  olive oil.

If the extension hair is well-maintained and of good quality, it can be re-used for several applications.
Where to find Protac:  Again, there are many places that sell the supplies for Protac hair extensions.  Do a search for ‘Protac hair extensions’
Costs:  $150 and up, depending on the amount and quality of hair needed.



*Strand-by-strand for natural-looking, comfortable results
*Patent pending, non-adhesive, non-fusion, safe system and product
*Inexpensive, celebrity-style lasts for many months, easy to remove

HAIR: MANEMAXX offers high-quality, Remi, cuticle-correct 100% human hair in 4 textures and styles. Choose straight, body wave, wavy/curly and Yaki in medium or long lengths in a variety of colors. Smaller 2 ounce packages are offered at a discount for adding highlights or lowlights. The non-chemical removal allows the extension hair to be reused for multiple applications.

ATTACHMENT: This gentle, non-adhesive bonding method is a process in which you dip and attach strands of extension hair to your own. The patent-pending TemBondT is uniquely designed to create a secure hold for the extension strands without actually binding to the natural hair, giving the wearer a temporary bond that can be worn for months and applied themselves. This method of attachment allows for a free-flowing natural result without any discomfort or pulling. Working with all hair types, and allowing reuse of the extension hair, the natural and non-toxic TemBondT can be removed without chemicals or tools. The secure bond is simply broken by hand and easily slips from the natural hair without pulling or breaking the hair. You will want to use this method with at least 4 inches of your own hair to cover the bonds. The bond works well with thin or fine hair and in places other systems cannot achieve an attachment, particularly in the fine, baby hairs located in the frontal "bang" area so to avoid the mullet look.

COSTS: Kits range from $249 and up and include everything you need for up to 2 installations, including the hair. Systems without hair are available for under $200. Once a system is purchased, refill TemBond costs under $25 for 2 more applications. Bonds can be worn for 3-5 months, but a 6-8 week time period is recommended for optimal safety and care of the natural hair. WHERE TO FIND: