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*Patented process lasts 3-7 months
*Product used to attach extension hair is similar to the material hair is made of -Keratin
*No welding, waxing, gluing or knotting!

Hair:  Human hair is purchased from Indian temples where women customarily donate their hair in gratitude for some blessing in their lives. Typically Indian hair is dark brown or black and must undergo a de-pigmentation process in order to create all the different colors and textures.

The hair is shipped to Great Lengths® in Rome, Italy, where it is processed with highly sophisticated formulas that resemble the ones used for treating cashmere. The ends of the hair are pre-tipped with a synthesized keratin protein bond that has a molecular structure designed to mimic that of human hair. The bonds are the same color as the hair strands. The pre-tipped strands allow for very clean, precise and damage-free extensions. Hair is not reusable.

Attachment Process:  The keratin bond is activated using a Great Lengths® applicator and the extension hair is joined with your natural hair. The applicator is similar to a small crimping iron.

There are 3 separate systems for attaching extensions.
3200 Thermal System: Bond is softened with gentle heat and then molded to your own hair Ultrasonic 5000: Ultrasonic vibrations are used to attach the extensions--Cold fusion method
Air Pressure System: Attaches 10 strands at a time, complete head done in less than 1 hour.

The extensions, which take 4-6 hours to put in, can last between 3-7 months or more. Maintenance visits are recommended every 6-8 weeks. Removal of the extensions involves the use of Great Lengths® Removal Solution which crystallizes the bonds without damaging the hair.

Costs:  Extensions can range from $800-$3000 and up depending on what you are having done. Maintenance visits are a separate cost.

Maintenance:  Use products recommended by Great Lengths® and follow care instructions. Do not use 2 in 1 products or products that contain alcohol. The anti-tap water rinse is strongly recommended as it seals the natural cuticle layer and is enriched with proteins and cosmetic care substances to achieve shine.

Great Lengths® Company Info:
Established: 1991; London, England
Founder: David Gold          
Method: Fusion, Cold Fusion
Hair Used: Indian human hair processed in Great Lengths® factory, Rome, Italy
Certification Required: YES
Cosmetology License: YES
Training: 2-Day Course
Guarantees: Great Lengths® guarantees their hair to be 100% cuticle hair with all cuticles intact. Issues with extensions should be discussed with the stylist first. The Great Lengths® hair must be used, the hair must not be chemically treated and all the hair care instructions must be followed. If the issue is not resolved, send written documentation and photos:

Great Lengths®
5900 Equitable Road
Kansas City, Missouri 64120
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