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Extensions Plus

(Formerly known as Mark Barrington Concepts, Inc.)


Extensions Plus
17738 Sherman Way
Reseda, CA 91335
(818) 881-5611


Micro Tabs™ + shrinkLINKS from Extensions Plus
shrinkLINKS system lasts up to 3 months

*Micro Tabs™ offer temporary extensions(1-5 shampoos) or permanent extensions (up to 3 weeks)

*Founder is one of pioneers in hair extension industry

Hair:  100% human Remi hair from European origin is used for the hair extensions. Hair is ordered from a reliable and trusted hair supplier and then processed by Extensions Plus. Hair is pre-tipped for the application process. The quality human hair will last up to 1 year as it is re-usable with the system. Other types of hair, such as synthetic fiber hair can also be used with these systems.
Attachment: shrinkLINKS: The transparent shrinkLINKS (made of a hi-tech polymer) are applied to a section of hair using a shrinkLINKS applicator tool. It is applied from 3/8-in. to 1/2-in. from the scalp. Then the pre-tipped hair is inserted into the shrinkLINKS. A heating tool is wrapped around the shrinkLINKS and the heat releases a polymer sealant to complete the attachment. A whole head of extensions can take between 3-4 hours to attach. Removal time is less, around 2 hours.

The system is designed for up to 3 months wear. Removal is very simple. The same heating tool is placed around 5 sections at a time. After about 8 seconds of heat, the shrink tip part of the extension loosens and the extensions can be pulled off. There is a residue left on the hair that is removed using an orange peel solution made from 100% natural ingredients. The hair is then washed several times with a clarifying shampoo and the extensions can then be re-applied.

Micro Tabs™:  Micro Tabs ™ are specially formulated pieces of adhesive tape that are used to attach the extensions. There are two types of Micro Tabs™ available. One is a temporary tape, lasting from 1-5 shampoos and the other is a permanent tape, lasting up to 3 weeks. The Micro Tabs™ are 2-in. wide and 3/8-in. high. One piece of the tape is applied to each side of the natural hair. The protective layer of the tape is removed, exposing a sticky surface that the extension hair is then attached to.

Removal of the Micro Tabs ™ is done with a removing spray solution. The permanent Micro Tabs™ are removed with an oil remover.

Maintenance: shrinkLINKS Clients are told to treatshrinkLINKS hair extensions like they would color-treated hair, using any product that is designed for color-treated hair. Appliances such as blow dryers, flat irons, and curling irons are OK as long as the shrinkLINKS are not directly in contact with the heat.

Micro Tabs™ Clients are recommended to use shampoos and conditioners that do NOT contain silicone or oil.

Extensions Plus Info:
Current Owner: 2010, California
Original Founder:1991 Mark Barrington
Hair used: 100% Remi hair of European origin, from
trusted hair supplier
Method: Micro Links + Tape
Certification Required: Yes
Cosmetology License: Yes
Training: 1-day hands-on course

All products are guaranteed to work as long as they are applied properly. Hair is guaranteed to be 100% Remi quality hair. Contact your individual stylists about attachment guarantees.