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Akinda Magic Hair Extensions

*Extension hair lasts 1-3 years

*Specializes in clients with trichotillomania, cancer, thinning hair, alopecia, etc.

*Method used for royalty such as Cleopatra

Hair used:
Akinda uses only virgin hair that is hand collected from the northwest part of Russia and Poland close to Scandinavia. They do NOT use Russian hair collected from the part of Russia close to Asia. The hair is double drawn, meaning it is all one length. The shorter lengths are removed from the bundle of hair.

Natural hair needs to be at least 4-5 inches long to attach Akinda Magic Natural Hair Extensions. Akinda custom makes a weft (like curtains of hair) by hand to fit the clients scalp measurements exactly. The weft is matched for color, curl, texture in order to reflect hair that looks like the hair the client grows.

A small corn-row braid is made horizontally across the back of the scalp underneath the hair so you can't see it. The weft of extension hair is sewn onto the braid. There is no damage to the natural hair because the tension is kept even across the whole braid and there are no waxes, glues, metal clamps or other bonding agents used. The client's own hair is able to grow out in its natural virgin state underneath the extensions without damage.

It can take between 4-5 hours for a full head of extensions. The extension hair needs to be tightened every 6-8 weeks and can be reused again and again. 
Akinda can also remove the extensions and store them to reapply at a later date.

The costs listed are subject to change and are listed as a reference only.
Thickening hair: Starts at $700 USD, $1000 AUD Lengthening hair: Starts at $1400 USD, $2000 AUD
The average price for lengthening is between $1750-2450 USD, $2500-3500 AUD

Written instructions are given to each client. Extensions need to be moisturized every wash because they do not receive natural scalp secretions and nutrients like growing hair. Akinda advises clients to not do any chemical work on the hair without first consulting them.
Blow drying, hot rollers and occasional tongs are OK. DO NOT use a flat iron.

Akinda Magic Hair Extensions Company Info:
Established: 1983
Founder: Jay Robert-Edwards
Method: Sewn on wefts
Hair used: Double-drawn virgin Russian hair
Certification required: Yes
Cosmetology license: YES
Training: 1 week intensive one-on-one, 6 weeks practice  in salon

Guarantees: Clients are not allowed to pay unless their extensions are perfect. Hair and attachment process is guaranteed for 6 months at Akinda. They do not offer guarantees for the workmanship of other stylists who purchase Akinda hair for their clientele.
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