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*Lasts 3-4 months

*Hair is re-useable

*More affordable than equivalent systems

Hair: Hair Xtend uses 100% European Quality Remi human hair. It sells the human hair directly to the stylist for doing hair extensions. The human hair is available in a wide variety of colors and lengths.

Attachment: The keratin protein on the tip of the extension hair strand is heated with a special gun and then applied to the hair using a silicone pad. A full head of extensions can take between 2-6 hours to apply.

Removal of the extensions is quick with a 100% acetone base remover. The acetone remover is applied directly to the bond, which crystallizes and turns it into a powder.  The hair is not damaged and can then be re-used to reapply the extensions.

Maintenance:  Hair Xtend stylists leave each client with a list of hair care steps they must follow for the proper care of the hair extensions. They recommend using their line of hair care products. All steps must be followed for any guarantees.

Costs: Average prices for a full head of extensions ranges from $1200-1800.

Who should not get extensions? Hair Xtend hair extensions are not recommended for clients that are balding or loosing a lot of hair. Consult with your stylist for specific recommendations.

Hair Xtend Company Info

Method: Fusion

Hair Used: 100% European Remi hair-supplied to stylists by Hair Xtend

Certification Required: No

Cosmetology License: Yes

Training: Hair Xtend offers a 2-day training course. It is not required.

Guarantees: Hair Xtend guarantees that their extensions will last from 3-4 months as long as all of their hair care steps have been followed

Where to find salons: Hair Xtend has two distributors in the US that can help you locate salons in your area. See contact info on website:


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