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Average Cost:

Less than $800

*Can be attached quickly, from 1-3 hours

*Offers 2 different methods, one designed specifically for thin hair

*Less expensive than similar methods


FLhair Xtensions are made with Euro - Asian hair that is processed for tangle control, color selections and chemical texturizing at a production facility in Asia. Textures and waves for both Caucasian and ethnic markets are available in all popular colors in 16” hair lengths.


FLhair Xtensions are available in two methods, one being a strand by strand, where a pre-inserted loop is positioned so you can very easily put the clients growing hair through the xtension hull. Apply pressure with the use of a special tool called a LockO Applicator. A minimum of 3 inches of growing hair with good density is a suitable starting point.

The other method is called FLhair Grafting Xtensions for thin hair. Human hair is looped into a man made skin material. Medical grade grafting tape is applied to the hairless side and secured to the parting area by the scalp.

A minimum of 2 inches of growing hair with lighter densities is suitable for this method when working with thin, fine hair not suitable for strand by strand methods.


The hair cost and labor for a new full head application will cost approx. $720.00   FLhair Xtensions will provide the best of quality and dependability for under $800.00.

FLhair Xtensions Company Info
Established: 1993
Founders: Richard and Mary Gizzi
Hair Used: Euro-Asian Hair
Method: Fusion, Man-made Skin
Certification Required: Yes
Cosmetology License: Yes
Training: Hands-on certification and training class

Guarantees: Salons and technicians shoulder client satisfaction.  As professionals, properly trained and certified technicians will be able to know how to qualify a client, apply the correct method and provide all the dos and don’ts to the client.


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