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How many hair extension clients have you had?
Are you certified (some methods do not require certification). Ask to see a copy of the certification.

What training have you done for hair extensions? Some methods do not require any training and offer instructional videos. If the stylist has not received official training for hair extensions, you should look very closely at their work and amount of time they have been doing hair extensions

Can I see some before and after photos?

Can I have the names and numbers of several of your hair extension clients? (Some stylists will say that there clients are confidential and therefore cannot give you any names or phone numbers Maybe they are famous people, etc.) You should consider that a stylist that trains for hair extensions will probably not come out of training to do a ‘famous persons’ hair extensions. There should be at least 2 or 3 client references that the stylist can give you.

What sort of guarantee do you offer? Is the hair guaranteed against tangling/matting and what happens if all the extensions fall out after a few days, or even worse if your own hair falls out with them. You should know upfront what you are getting into.

Ask how any issues are addressed. We have heard of salons not returning phone calls after a major issue with hair extension applications. Find out now if this is a salon that you can trust!!

What type of hair is used? 

If you color your own hair every month, ask if that will be okay with the hair extensions.
What can go wrong with the hair extensions? Have any of his/her clients had any issues with their extensions? What can you expect

Has anyone ever filed a complaint about your services? If so, why?  If the stylist denies that any complaints have been filed and you know from your research (Board of Cosmetology) that there have been complaints, you should look for another stylist.

Ask the stylist about putting your hair in a pony tail— sometimes the point of attachment is very visible if you pull your hair up.

Ask if he/she can attach one extension to your hair so you can get a feel for what they will be like.

In case the stylist did not address any of the subjects on the checklist before this, be ready to ask any questions to cover these subjects.

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